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Not many cities have been as successful in preserving their medieval architectural design as Ptuj. A walk through the oldest Slovenian city will take you past Roman monuments and magnificent medieval facades. Cobbled streets and squares will lead you to one of the most majestic castles in Slovenia that offers a view over the roof tiles of medieval monasteries, churches, and the town’s other countless buildings. Ptuj is also know as a wine center; the region’s exceptional potential for wine growing was recognized by the Romans, and several Ptuj based merchants made their fortune trading wine. This long established vinoculture is reflected in the fine wines offered by Ptuj’s many wine cellars and bars. The city that boasts the oldest wine cellar and oldest history of wine in Slovenia is a real discovery for wine connoisseurs and foodies alike. Ptujska Gora is located in the western, wooded part of Haloze, and hides a true Gothic treasure; the basilica of the Virgin Mary the Protector. It is surrounded by hiking trails, and we recommend you end an exhausting day with a slice of delicious haloška gibanica cake.




Our tour leads us to the oldest town in Slovenia, Ptuj. We will first head to the one of the most magnificent castles in Slovenia, the Ptuj Castle, which offers a picture-perfect view over the tiled roofs and cobbled streets of the town. Inside the castle there is a lovely museum, famous for the number and variety of traditional carnival masks.

Afterwards we will descend into  the old town and see the most impressive sights including the Orpheus Monument, the Town hall and the main parish church dedicated to St. George. At the end of the walking tour we will give you some time for lunch & photos. No visit to Ptuj is complete without a visit to a wine cellar, where we will try a few local wines.


Next we will venture to Ptujska Gora, where we will see the Basilica of the Virgin of Mercy, a dominant landmark of the area. The church itself is one of the best-known pilgrimage churches in Slovenia.


On the way back we will stop at Štatenberk castle, to marvel at an example of a lovely baroque mansion.





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